Crash Blossom

I published my first comic last year. Crash Blossom: Monorail was released at the Jet City Comic Show on September 22, 2012.

And by “published” I mean a limited run of 40 copies, hand-folded by the author. “Crash Blossom” was supposed to be an anthology, but as it turns out there were only two of us who made the deadline, and I was absolutely determined to get something in print.

The artwork is not beautiful. I redid most of it several times, because every time I thought it was finished, my skill level would double and I’d want to throw the old crap away and replace it with slightly less crappy crap. The writing was generally more well received.

This was my first comics project in my adult life, and despite how amateurish it looks now, it was my absolute best, and I’m proud of it.

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